sCollections Game Memory+Concentration

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Game Description

Train your memory and increase your concentration with sCollections. This game seems to be simple and straightforward but you need some luck, patience and skills on your way to victory. 

The game is basically simple:

First, you should take note of the images at the top. Please keep them in mind and press the button “turn”. Now you should find and click all the memorized images on the game screen. If you find all the images, the collection is complete and you may go on to the next level.

You’ll get gold stars and sCoins for each level. By collection more and more gold stars, you will also upgrade your title. There are eleven titles, beginning with “Chechako” and ending with “Eagle”.

You can buy sCoins for the more complicated levels but you don’t necessarily need to it if you can manage the game without making too many mistakes.

Game features:

99 levels

3 app-purchases

That is all. Enjoy.

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