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Swift GetCode! 384 ready-to-use code samples

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App Description

Hi, this is Swift GetCode! Basic Collection.

384 ready-to-use code samples.

Inside you will find how to create objects, color them, move, transform, animate, draw, rotate, add special effects and more!

114 code samples are completely free of charge!

Why do you need it?

Only few create their own code from scratch.

Most newcomers are looking for a simple code to adapt to their own projects. I myself  have often looked for it, too. That is why I made this collection. There are hundreds of samples here, ready to download and ready to use.

Toy with these code samples

Use them in your apps

Have fun

Be creative

Or just copy-paste them


  1.  All objects are set programmatically and use the dynamic sizes. WhyThe basic principle is: you can copy-paste all what you need and implement it in your own project without major changes.
  2. It is just Swift, not SwiftUI. Why?No particular reason. I believe that it is a little bit easier for the newcomers but perhaps it can be changed in the future.
  3. The basic structure of every sample is the same.You get a background subview and the concrete sample will be placed inside it. So if you use it for your own purposes you should use the same container – a background subview – or change the parameters.
  4. I am using my own colors in these samples.You find the extension – UIColor+myColors – as a separate file in the project. Of course, you can replace it with the standard colors or create your own ones.

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